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A Sacred Space for Everyone

The word sacred is usually directly associated with religion. Religion is the connection of a God or multiple deities that are based out of a system of faith and worship. Within a religion, a sacred space is prevalent and is associated with being holy and pure. It focuses on connecting with faith.

At CARAVAN our belief surrounds around the connection of a person to their own self. The definition of sacred that we believe in revolves around creating a space that an individual can feel safe. Regardless of what someone is searching for, CARAVAN wants an individual to feel safe within themselves. A sacred space is for anyone and everyone because everyone wants to be comfortable.

Creating a safe and sacred space can be difficult at times. However, CARAVAN reached out to some experts to help unlock your potential.  Rather than scrolling through each tip, take the time to learn more about creating a sacred place.


Sacred Space Tips from Spiritual Experts


For my sacred spaces, it’s key for me to set the environment with lighting and scents. I light palo santo, sage, incense, or candles which help to create a cozier environment, awaken your senses, and also add healing properties. I light candles every time I’m home, whether it’s working on my laptop or doing a nightly meditation. Make every moment sacred.

– Lilia, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer


Rather than creating an inner sacred space, we might say that we learn to illuminate the sanctity that is already there. In my experience, this can begin when there are a humble curiosity and openness around the mystery and beauty of simply being alive. We might open to the fact that we never live in any moment other than the present. Really, have you ever experienced anything else? When we set aside our concepts (which are, of course, not things in themselves) what is it like to just rest in our present-moment aliveness?
-Chris, Meditation Teacher



Sacred Space Tips from Fitness Experts 


To create a sacred space is giving yourself a place and permission to let go and recharge your battery.   In a world where we are constantly expending energy and effort, I find the happiest people leave time to take energy in; that’s your sacred space and time.  Depending on your faith, it’s also a way to receive a charge from ancestors and energy of things both past and passed.

– Karen, Pilates Teacher


  • Notice the rhythm of your breath.
  • Turn your attention inward and notice how you are feeling – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Set an intention for your day ahead. (A word or feeling that you want to embody for the next 24 hours.)
  • Notice again the rhythm of your breath and how it’s changed in these few minutes.
  • Breath in your intention, Exhale let go of judgments, anxiety, and fear.
  • *Keep this up on a daily basis – allow yourself between 5-20 minutes each day.
  • Say out loud or write down in a journal 3 things you are grateful for.
    – Deena, Yoga Teacher


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