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Fitness in Your Own Home

Now imagine this. It’s a blistering hot day and the sun is beating down. There are no clouds in the sky and the temperature keeps rising higher and higher. You’re sweating up a storm; you have sweat pouring down your face. Arms are pumping fast and in rhythm as your feet slap against the ground. Just one more mile, you can do it, keeps playing over and over like a re-run in your head. To stay healthy you’ve been running 5 miles every other day and it’s been taking a toll on your body being out in the heat so much. After each run, you feel winded and have a deepening sunburn from the negligence of sunscreen. Fitness is so important though, you need to keep running.

What if there was a way to stay fit, but indoors?

All of sudden, your mind comes jumping to the idea of an indoor fitness program. The idea roams around in your head and thinks of all the benefits fitness practices have compared to running; they are both helping the body stay healthy in the same ways. After the run, you go inside and think about all the benefits that indoor fitness has compared to running.


Let’s Hear Those Benefits


Regardless, of running is a specialty to you or not, indoor fitness exercises deliver the same results. Depending on the exercise, fitness exercises can also sculpt certain parts of the body that other exercises cannot even touch. Let’s explore all the benefits that indoor fitness happens to have.

  • Improved heart rate
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Keep weight off
  • Sculpts muscles
  • Boost confidence and mood
  • Reduce the risk of disease
  • Promote better sleep



As one can see there are many benefits to practicing many fitness exercises and to staying healthy. Yes, running is considered fitness, but running cannot always target certain muscles in the body like many different forms of fitness courses can. Physical activity is designed to keep the body running at its best and keep it incredibly efficient. As mentioned before, running practically does have most of the benefits as general fitness, but to run inside requires a gym membership if the weather does not permit it. Which then requires money. Then after spending $30 a month to drive to the gym, exercise, and then drive back really adds up. The point of inside fitness is to be able to practice from the comfort of your own home. No driving, no extra fees of a gym, and no having to go outside and face the weather of Mother Nature.


How to Follow Through on It 


It might be easy to go on YouTube and search for different fitness circuits that one can perform. There will be a lot of options to pick through, but a lot of them are going to be extreme fitness challenges or just options that aren’t helping the body. At CARAVAN Wellness one of our specialties is focusing on the area of fitness. With the help of our coaches, CARAVAN was able to create a series of programs that the goal is you. Regardless of whether you want to work on a specific area of the body, the coaches we have hand-selected designed many exercises that are fun, but very worthwhile.


One of our highlighted programs in the Fitness section is Fitness Techniques with our teacher Anthony. In this course, many cardio and circuit practices are designed to keep you energized throughout the day. Anthony keeps the program fun and engaging by breaking it up into varying videos that you can do anytime and anywhere! Through this series, it is easy to be able to focus on strengthening the core and other muscles in the body and helping promote weight loss.

Why is Fitness so Important?


You might be asking yourself at the moment why this is so important. Why is exercise so crucial to keep our bodies happy and healthy? The answer is simple, exercise keeps the body running at its most efficient rate. If fitness is absent from a person’s routine, then their body is at a higher risk to develop dangerous diseases, weight gain, and other harmful side effects. Fitness keeps the cardiovascular system running at its best, which means your heart is working strong, and providing more energy throughout the day. To stay healthy, it’s important to practice being healthy.



It is easy to stay on track with keeping the body in the best shape by doing fitness exercises every day. A happier body equals a happier mind. To have a successful fitness workout, make sure to follow these steps.

  • Stay hydrated
  • Wear clothes easy to move around in
  • Breathe always
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Make sure the space is clear


It’s pretty simple to ensure a quality workout. Next time there is a choice to make a run in the beating down sun or to have a fun workout in your living room, the choice is simple. Make a choice that makes you feel good and makes the most sense. Check out our Formula page and what CARAVAN believes is the key to success. Click Here


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