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Breath of Fire

Unleash the power of your breath

Does it look a little funky? Maybe feel sort of silly? Yep. Does it have life changing benefits? Double yep.

Breath of Fire (Kapalabhatiinvolves creating equal inhales and exhales in a rapid and rhythmic patten. Check out Breath of Fire to see how it’s done.

This seemingly odd practice has astonishing benefits.

Kapalabhati is most well known for maintaining acid-base balance. The deep inhalation forces dead space in the lungs to become active which improves oxygenation and cleanses the whole body.

The force of this specific breathing puts pressure on the abdominal glands, which results in increased blood circulation. This also corrects glandular secretions which helps with disease management. Likewise, Kapalabhati balances bile and phlegm to the optimal amount.

Kapalabhati is  also used in treatment for MS (metabolic syndrome) and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It regulates the brain–pancreas–endocrine pathway and corrects symptoms of MS including hyperinsulinism and dyslipidemias. It is also shown to reduce hyperglycemia due to the unique abdominal movements that directly stimulate the pancreas to release insulin.

“Insulin resistance, the common problem in PCOS and MS, is combated by improving the blood supply to muscles and enhanced insulin receptor expression on the muscles. Hence, hyperinsulinism and the resultant impaired glucose tolerance are effectively treated by long-term Kapalabhati practice.”

Kapalabhati can even help you lose weight. Kapalabhati is a form of abdomino-respiratory-autonomic exercise. During the breath, vital areas of the brain (brainstem, cortex, efferent pathways, and effector organs) are stimulated and:

” As a result, the synchronous discharge from the autonomic nervous system, pineal gland, and hypothalamus that regulate the endocrine and metabolic processes increases which, in turn, accelerates fat metabolism. This eventually increases basal metabolic rate, reduces fat deposition, and ultimately ends up in weight reduction”.

Simultaneously, kapalabhati tones the abdominal muscles and reduces belly fat.

So sit up tall, take a deep breath, and find out how Breath of Fire can help your life, today.



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