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Live In The Moment

According to research by Matthew A. Killingsworth a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health and Society scholar, and Harvard psychologist Daniel T. Gilbert we spend 46.7 percent of each day thinking about something other than what we’re doing. Being present has been shown to have tremendous impact on our mental health through years of scientific studies. […]

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You Deserve A Mid-Day Nap

Did you know that daily midday naps are linked to lower blood pressure levels and may also help ward off several cardiovascular diseases? The research findings that were presented at the European Society of Cardiology during an annual conference in London revealed the findings. After adjusting for other factors that could influence blood pressure such as age, […]

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Long-Term Benefits Of The Alexander Technique

 What’s it all about? The Alexander Technique is a wellness approach that reteaches the body and mind to use muscles more efficiently. More specifically this technique focuses on releasing unnecessary tension between the head and spine. This is done through simple daily activities that coach you to move freer and in a more integrated way. […]