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Diet Choices for Hair Health

Dedication to personal health and wellness requires evaluating the content of our body’s intake, in hopes of achieving the optimal outcome: our healthiest, best selves. As we incorporate new workout routines or forms of exercise to make our bodies stronger, we often overlook the importance of the strength of a different body part: our hair. […]

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Don’t Skip That Morning Cup Of Coffee

Could a coffee a day be keeping the doctor away?  Many immediately associate coffee to caffeine and sugar, which tend to have negative connotations, however there’s much more to it. Coffee is made from java beans which are a great source of antioxidants and are linked to mood boosting qualities. That’s not all researchers said… […]

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Understanding Liver Detoxification

The liver is a powerhouse organ in charge of some of the body’s most important functions. Detoxifying two quarts of blood every minute, the liver filters and cleanses all of the blood from the major abdominal organs before returning to the heart, (Hall). To maintain optimum liver health, nutritionists and dietitians often recommend liver detoxes, […]