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Heal With Your Fingertips

During our class The Tapping Trick, Dr. Ellie teaches The Tapping Solution as a simple formula for nervous system regulation.

“This technique regulates the nervous system,” said Dr. Ellie. “It energizes us if we need energy, and calms us down when we need to settle.”

The Tapping Solution, also known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), has been recognized by the science community as, “an effective treatment for anxiety, depression and other psychological disorders. Over 5,000 case reports demonstrate the effect of EFT on various psychological and physical symptoms.” By simply tapping on certain parts of our bodies, we can generate our own personal healing.

So what is EFT, and how we do it?

Developed by researcher Gary Craig in the early 90s, EFT utilizes speech therapy as patients are asked to speak positive affirmations while tapping identified Chinese meridian points on the body with their fingers. A 2009 study researching the effect of EFT on veterans with PTSD, anxiety and depression describes an average EFT session:

Once a traumatic memory is identified, the subject assesses its emotional intensity on a Likert-type scale from zero to 10, with zero being no distress, and 10 being maximum distress. This is known as Subjective Units of Distress, popularly called the “SUD” (Wolpe, 1973). An individualized, brief, two-part affirmation is then developed, to combine the painful incident with a statement of self-acceptance. While repeating the affirmation three times, the client taps with the fingertips of one hand on various points on the body. The points tapped are the outside fleshy edge of the hand, the inside end of the eyebrows, the outside of the eye socket, below the pupil of the eye, the middle of the upper lip just below the nose, the center of the chin just below the lower lip, the inside end of the collarbone, under the arms.

The veteran study researched the effects of six EFT sessions on seven veterans, ages 25 to 61, after a 90-day period. The study’s results demonstrated decreased levels of psychological problems as, “anxiety decreased 46% (p<.001), depression 49% (p<.001), and PTSD 50% (p<.016),” (Church).

Studies have indicated that, through the emotional relief EFT offers, the technique can reduce physical discomfort too.

The article, “Application of Emotional Freedom Technique” writes, “clinical reports suggest that by reducing emotional trauma, EFT can have an effect on physical conditions, including joint pain, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rashes, arthritis, colds, influenza symptoms, and toothaches.”

This information was determined from several case studies within the article, including one which studied a 67 year old woman, “with limited range of motion (ROM) in her right arm. She could place her left arm behind her back easily but could not do so with her right arm.” The study reports that after just two EFT sessions, “the ROM difference between the two arms had become indistinguishable,” (Church).  

The tips of our fingers are capable of transforming our health in just a few, simple taps. Replace all of the complicated pills and medications using tapping.

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