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How To Stay (Physically and Mentally) Healthy during COVID-19

As the months of March and April were primarily spent at home as an effort to flatten the curve, we each took steps to create a new sense of “normal”—developing new routines that could function under social distancing policies and federal restrictions. 

As a result of the Coronavirus, feelings of emotional distress have arisen around the world. While it is crucial for us to take care of our physical health at this time, it is equally as important to manage our mental health. At Caravan, we aim to incorporate achieving your best personal health at all times, and we want to support you through this emotionally distressing time. 

Here are three tips for staying healthy (all types of healthy!) as we continue to fight Coronavirus: 

First: Establish a personal time limit for media consumption – this includes social media, as well as the local and national news. While it is important to stay updated, it is also necessary to take time for yourself to process the given information and engage in relaxing activities. 

Second: Stay active! Exercise works to increase endorphins, which make us happier, as well as a plethora of other emotional benefits. Becoming stronger makes us feel more alert and able to engage in new activities, both indoor and outdoor. Click here to start your 5 Days of Pilates Program or Strength Training Beginner Series.

And, lastly: Bring out your inner zen through mindfulness and  meditation. These practices focus on breathing and relaxation techniques that will ease your mind and relieve stress. If you’ve been feeling increased stress or anxiety as a result of COVID-19, incorporating these practices into your daily routine will work to minimize these negative emotions. Click here to start your 5 Days to Rewire Your Brain Program.

Most importantly, it’s important to engage in these types of activities because they urge you to focus on becoming the strongest version of you, which is important as we navigate an era of uncertainty. Our videos at Caravan are from 2- 30 minutes , which allow you to quickly engage in these activities, without overpowering your day.


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