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Junk Food Wars


It Tastes so Good but is so Bad


Junk Food. It’s hard not to love it. From the greasy pizza with sizzling pepperoni to a thick juicy hamburger with warm crinkle-cut fries on the side, it’s a fact that junk food tastes good. Just because it tastes good though, does that mean it’s good for our bodies? Not exactly. All those unhealthy carbohydrates, sugars, sodium, the list really could go on, are keeping your body from running at its highest possible efficiency level.

As a society though, we love things that are bad for us. So why do we have to hate junk food?


Why does Junk Food Make us Feel Sluggish?


The unknown mystery of what is in junk food is about to be solved. First off, a lot of the ingredients aren’t even real food! Yep, you heard right. A lot of the ingredients are chemicals. They range from preservatives to artificial flavors and colors.  Companies do this because they want to make sure that their food not only looks good but is tasty at the same time.  All these different chemicals can cause the human body to become bloated and not be able to digest the food.

So if the human body can’t digest the food, then what happens to it? It becomes fat. Short, simple, and gross. The main reason it turns into fat is due to the sugar Fructose. Fructose is the sugar that tells the brain that the food is in fact a reward and not bad for us. This reward trigger in the brain causes an individual to overeat. The liver then produces the fructose into fat, which then can lead to obesity.

As you can see, junk food is described as junk for a reason. It’s filled with a bunch of unnatural chemicals that cause our bodies to turn on themselves. Without as much unhealthy food, our bodies can function at a higher level.

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How to Help Keep your Body Healthy


So far, the thought of junk food is more than likely terrifying to you. Even though junk food is an encouraging factor in making people unhealthy, there are more people can do to stay healthy, besides eating healthy, which you should be doing anyway! It is important to stay active. Even if someone is making sure to eat healthily, it can be a downfall still if he or she doesn’t exercise. At CARAVAN we focus on yoga, pilates, and basic fitness routines to help keep our bodies healthy. It is important to stay on track and keep up with exercise routines. Not only does it make it easier to stay healthy, but it helps with boosting energy. When an individual exercises, the human body is kicking out all the bad toxins inside. That’s right, the body then can focus on what’s most important. You.

Although it is crucial to stay physically healthy, it is also important to stay mentally healthy. Take time out of the day to spend time loving yourself. Gain confidence. Be the person you dream to be. Do everything that makes you, you. One way to spend time loving yourself is through the act of meditation. Mediation is the act of mentally focusing on something particular and letting the mind and body relax. This practice focuses on letting the mind be free and not pile up so much stress and anxiety.



Another factor to help with keeping up mental health is to find a purpose. It is important to give yourself goals and know what heights to achieve. Setting goals is always beneficial because it causes an individual to constantly be searching for success. Everyone wants to be successful. When people don’t feel successful, they feel bad about themselves. Then they turn to things that make them feel good.

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Let’s Face the Facts


It appears there is a correlation between junk food and health. Junk food is hard to process within the human body, which then causes people to feel bad and become unhealthy. If people start feeling bad about themselves and becoming unhealthy then not only does their physical health decrease, but their mental health. For when all of those factors happen all at once, it causes people to lose focus. Then when people lose focus, they lose their goals and fall into serious mental health problems that can lead to serious side effects.

Don’t start worrying if you just had junk food, you’re going to be okay! It is important to know the facts. Anytime you start craving a hamburger, don’t get mad at yourself. Just know to keep the junk food to a limit. Make sure to eat it in moderation. There is no need to hold a funeral for those crinkle-cut fries yet. The whole entire focus of this post was to educate you, not scare you. Next time, you start grabbing for that triple-fried chicken leg with grease dripping off it, think to yourself is it worth it to your health?


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