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Overcome Negative Thinking – Rewire Your Brain for Positivity

  “ONCE YOU REPLACE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS WITH POSITIVE ONES, YOU’LL START HAVING POSITIVE RESULTS.”  – WILLIE NELSON    We all have negative thoughts, but how you choose to deal with them has been proven to be crucial to your success. Finding ways to deal with these negative thoughts and self-destructive mental loops is imperative to […]

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Flow with Vinyasa

There are many different types of yoga that focus on different aspects. One of those types of yoga is Vinyasa. Vinyasa is a flow yoga, which means that the movement of these different postures is stringed together so that the form moves almost seamlessly and effortlessly. This particular type of yoga is ever-changing because of […]

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The Importance of Holistic Health

  Holistic Health in an Overview   The general consensus among society is that overall wellness solely revolves around physical health. Although physical health is very important, so is mental health. Mental health awareness is very low and few people practice it routinely.  Holistic health importance is becoming more relevant in today’s society. Holistic wellness […]

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Understanding Liver Detoxification

The liver is a powerhouse organ in charge of some of the body’s most important functions. Detoxifying two quarts of blood every minute, the liver filters and cleanses all of the blood from the major abdominal organs before returning to the heart, (Hall). To maintain optimum liver health, nutritionists and dietitians often recommend liver detoxes, […]