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Sleep Longer, Live Stronger!

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep feels like one of the biggest luxuries in today’s modern age of hustle-and-bustle. 

Between our Netflix, Hulu, HBO and social media accounts, who has time for sleep anyway? 

As much as we try to convince ourselves that sleep can wait though, the truth is that we need it in order to function as our best selves. We are way more successful when we a lot the proper amount of time for sleeping, a Neurology study shows

University of Pennsylvania’s Jeffery M. Ellenbogen discusses decreased cognitive and behavioral function in this study after researching interns in a hospital’s residency training program. Ellenbogen’s research followed two separate intern schedules: the “traditional schedule” and the “intervention schedule.”

As interns with the “intervention schedule” received more sleep, Ellenbogen reports that those following the “traditional schedule” would make 36% more serious medical mistakes in comparison. This research demonstrates just how important receiving those extra hours of sleep really is. 

But how many hours of sleep should you be getting to ensure sufficient health and greater longevity? 

A 2010 report researching the link between short and long sleep durations with adverse health effects has found that sleeping less than five to seven hours per night is linked to a 12% greater risk of disease, while sleeping more than eight to nine hours per night could also increase your lifespan by up to 38%. Just by giving yourself that extra sleep time to recharge, you have a chance at a stronger, and longer life! 

Sleep is imperative to our well-being and we should be trying our best to cherish it. 

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