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The Amazing Benefits of Combining Meditation and Exercise

Many studies have shown that meditation and exercise alone are beneficial to mental health. But did you know that combining meditation with exercise may intensify the impacts of each and is extremely effective at improving brain-cell development and beating depression?

A research from Rutgers University shows that a mind-body combination of exercise and meditation can reduce depression by 40% in two months.

Brandon Alderman, lead author of the research, says “We are excited by the findings because we saw such a meaningful improvement in both clinically depressed and non-depressed student. It is the first time that both of these two behavioral therapies have been looked at together for dealing with depression.”

The students- 22 suffered from depression and 30 mentally healthy- who participated in the study completed an eight-week program and reported that they spent less time thinking about negative situations as they did before the study began. During the 8-week program, the students practiced a 30-minute focus meditation followed by a 30-minute aerobic exercise every day.

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