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The Invisible Power of Indoor Plants

Decorating your home with an abundance of deep green plants can be very appealing to the eye. However, there’s more to them than just the aesthetics.

People that surround themselves with plants feel more comfortable, soothed, and natural afterwards. They can make you feel overall more positive since they brighten up the room. Having plants as your indoor decorations add a little more nature into your life, which is always good to connect back to.

Indoor plants can also help with your psychological and physiological stress. A study done by researchers at The University of Kansas found that putting plants in patients’ hospital rooms recovering from surgery showed more positive¬†physiologic responses. The patients showed lower systolic blood pressure and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue than patients without plants.

By adding a little more green into your living room, it can help you decompress from your busy, everyday lifestyle. And as a bonus, you’ll get tons of compliments from your friends!

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