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When Should You Workout?

Researchers looked at three factors that they believe are linked to how well you are able to perform during a workout. Using this data, they were able to identify the best time frame to exercise in order to get the most of your workout. Their results were based on the circadian rhythm of your hormones, your gene expression, and your core body temperature.

The circadian rhythm is a daily cycle of your biological activity. This cycle interacts with every major system in your body including your hormone production and central nervous system activity.

Your cycle is based on lifestyle and environmental factors as well- such as sleep, work, when you see daylight, etc. Ultimately this affects your energy levels and times of peak performance.

Our core body temperature changes throughout the day. It is low at night, rises quickly as we wake, and reaches its prime in the evening. Research has shown that the optimal temperature for physical exercise is a relatively high temperature. Studies have also shown “During this time, you have optimal nerve conduction velocity and joint mobility. Your glucose metabolism and muscular blood flow are also optimal.”

Researchers concluded the best time to exercise is ultimately between 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm. The length of your workout is your decision, but fitting it into this time frame will optimize your experience. During this time the body will have the most energy to perform to its peak and therefore gain the most from your workout.

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