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Yoga Is The Best Medicine

The practice of yoga began over 5,000 years ago, with origins from India. Although there are various styles of yoga its overall purpose is to combine physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation to create harmony between your mind, body and soul.

This practice has an immense amount of physical benefits. A specific study looked at the long term effects of yoga on patients with chronic diseases and pains, such as osteoarthritis.

Patients were divided into two groups, those who would be assigned to practice yoga once a week for 8 weeks or the control group. Neither group of patients took any medications just the simple nonmedical practice of yoga!

The variables monitored were pain, strength, motions, joint circumference, tenderness, and hand function.

After 8 weeks it was observed that the yoga was effective in providing relief of joint pains patients were previously suffering from.

“The yoga treated group improved significantly more than the control group in pain during activities, tenderness and finger range of motion. Other trends also favored the yoga program.”

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