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Self-care is more vital than ever right now.

As we all stay home in attempts to flatten the curve, our regular wellness routines might seem a little out of whack. At Caravan we know that to find balance during difficult times we must commit to daily practices involving the mind/body/spirit.

In light of Coronavirus, we have launched a global campaign called #Healthyathome. The goal is to empower individuals worldwide to stay healthy at home, both mentally and physically. Hundreds of our community members have rallied behind the cause to help encourage others to boost their immunity to protect themselves against the virus. Here is the link to our campaign that is spreading throughout the globe. This is a call to action to empower everyone to protect themselves against infection by staying at home, maintaining healthy routines while having a positive mindset.

We’re offering everyone around the globe free unlimited access to Caravan for 30 days– with full access to our new app.


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STEP 2 – Start with 5 Days to Boost Immunity Program

-Learn powerful online practices to protect yourself from infection

STEP 3 – Get Life-Saving Results

-Improve your immune system. Prevent disease and burnout. Reduce stress levels. Think, breathe, and sleep better. Feel happier and healthier

STEP 4 – Share and Pass Along Movement

-Post a picture of your at-home wellness routine tagging #healthyathome and @caravanwellness and encourage 5 of your friends by tagging them on social media

Start with 5 Days To Boost Your Immunity


Complete 20 quick and effective classes within the program’s time frame. This program will guide you on your path to create a strong body and a healthy immune system. To get started, click here.

Together, we can stay well. #Healthyathome


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