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Who are we?

Caravan is a new approach to wellness. Not only do we want to help you achieve your physical health goals, but your mental and spiritual health goals as well. We believe in helping you reach your fullest potential through a healthy lifestyle. At Caravan Wellness we have a collective amount of coaches that want to help you achieve greatness.

What do we believe about being healthy?

At Caravan Wellness we believe in a holistic health approach. Holistic health focuses on the aspect of balancing physical, mental, and spiritual states. In a sense, you cannot be physically successful without being mentally and spiritually healthy. We want to help individuals create a lifelong healthy exercise routine.

What do we offer to be healthy?

Within our subscription we offer users the ability to get physical, mental, and spiritual health coaching from the best coaches in New York City. We have specific programs that help individuals strengthen that part of themselves. We offer fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and self-spiritual programs. Our programs are shot as videos. Through our videos our coaches focus on teaching you how to stay healthy and happy long-term, not just for a couple of days. With these videos you can exercise anywhere! From the comfort of your own home, the office, the park, the options are endless! We want to help you reach your fullest potential.

How to get started on a healthy lifestyle today?

To learn more about Caravan Wellness, feel free to check out our website. Follow this link here to learn more, Home Page . From there you can look around our website and learn more about us and what we have to offer. If you like what you see, subscribe to our programs! We want to help you succeed. Ready to start your journey? Subscribe Today

If you want to learn more about Holistic Health check out this article on our blog to learn more. The Importance of Holistic Health

The Importance of Holistic Health

Holistic Health in an Overview

The general consensus among society is that overall wellness solely revolves around physical health. Although physical health is very important, so is mental health. Mental health awareness is very low and few people practice it routinely.  Holistic health importance is becoming more relevant in today’s society. Holistic wellness bridges the gap between the two. A little unknown fact about holistic health is that it focuses not only on the mind, but the physical aspect of health as well. One cannot exist without the other to balance it out. This approach to wellness focuses on finding a long-term lifestyle that promotes not only happiness, but physical well-being.

Ways to Practice Holistic Health

There are many ways to practice holistic wellness.  Whether is is through mediation, different forms of yoga, or fitness, there is always a way to practice.  Below are some ways to help get into the routine of holistic health.

  • Mediation
  • Yoga and/or Pilates
  • Nutrition
  • Positivity
  • Mind and Body Therapy

Besides those listed, there are many more ways to practice a holistic health lifestyle. If any of these activities sound interesting to you, then check out this link here to learn more! Click Here

Holistic Health Importance 

Holistic health is becoming more and more important to the public eye.  This is because many different factors of unhealthy mental wellness lead to the mind to break down. There are many different causes to this break down ,for example such as: stress, depression, addiction, exhaustion, and low self-esteem, etc. These factors help lead to a broken well-being. When this happens the human body has a lower level of functionality.

Without the balance between mental and physical states there is no way the body can run at its full potential. The basis of holistic wellness is to promote an individual’s full potential.

Benefits of Holistic Health 

There are many benefits in taking up a holistic practice. Rather than taking weeks to show results, these benefits are practically automatic. Below are some of the key benefits.

  • Boosted morale
  • Weight loss
  • General healthier well-being
  • Stronger physically and mentally
  • Confidence
  • Energy booster

Those are some of the main benefits, but there are more out there. Thus, as one can see the main idea of holistic wellness is to better oneself. There is no limit to reach because everyday brings a new horizon. Rather than just focusing on being physically stronger, holistic health focuses on the individual’s happiness.

Holistic health is the ultimate focus of mental and physical states being equally balanced. Because we want others to feel as good as we do, check out our services. Whether you want to specifically focus on fitness or being mindful, we have it all. We offer a range of programs that will help you reach your goals.

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Creating Sacred Space

Sacred. It’s a word that we always hear, but don’t necessarily know what it means. Sure, we know the religious context — holy, important, connected to god — but what about in our homes?

Caravan believes in sacredness. In creating sacred space, in holding space for ourselves, in creating a home and a place for ourselves that feels special, protected, almost holy.


But creating a sacred space can feel daunting and like a huge undertaking. So to make it a little easier, we reached out to some of our teachers for tips & tricks for creating a sacred space at home:

For my sacred spaces, it’s key for me to set the environment with lighting and scents. I light palo santo, sage, incense, or candles which help to create a cozier environment, awaken your senses, and also add healing properties. I light candles every time I’m home, whether it’s working on my laptop or doing a nightly meditation. Make every moment sacred 🙂
— Lilia, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer

To create a sacred space is giving yourself a place and permission to let go and recharge your battery.   In a world where we are constantly expending energy and effort, I find the happiest people leave time to take energy in; that’s your sacred space and time.  Depending on your faith, it’s also a way to receive a charge from ancestors and energy of things both past and passed.
— Karen, Pilates Teacher

Rather than creating an inner sacred space, we might say that we learn to illuminate the sanctity that is already there. In my experience, this can begin when there is a humble curiosity and openness around the mystery and beauty of simply being alive. We might open to the fact that we never live in any moment other than the present. Really, have you ever experienced anything else? When we set aside our concepts (which are, of course, not things in themselves) what is it like to just rest in our present-moment aliveness?
— Chris, Meditation Teacher

Notice the rhythm of your breath.
Turn your attention inward and notice how you are feeling – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
Set an intention for your day ahead. (A word or feeling that you want to embody for the next 24 hours.)
Notice again the rhythm of your breath and how it’s changed in these few minutes.
Breath in your intention, Exhale let go of judgements, anxiety and fear.
*Keep this up on a daily basis – allow yourself between 5-20 minutes each day.
Bonus: Say out loud or write in your journal 3 things you are grateful for this morning. 
— Deena, Yoga Teacher

Want more? We worked with Arq to create a guide for how to create a sacred space at home. Check it out here.

Why You Should Add Lemon Water to Your Mornings

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We have a suggestion for you — replace your first-thing-in-the-morning cup of coffee with a big glass of water with lemon. Yup — you read that right! What might seem like a inadequate replacement could easily be the best thing that you do for yourself all day long. Here’s why:

Start your day with an immuno-boost

Lemons have vitamin C and potassium in them. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning will give your body that chance to absorb these vitamins. Plus, they give your adrenals a boost, which is always an added benefit.

Get dewy, glowy skin

Hydration is key to clear, beautiful skin. By giving your body first thing in the morning, you can flush the body of toxins and help improve your digestion. Plus, the Vitamin C is needed for collagen production (which will give you that sought after dewy look!).

Combat dehydration

When you sleep at night, your body doesn’t drink any water for 8 hours. Drinking water first thing in the morning allows you to make up the deficit of the previous night.

The Unexpected (and Amazing) Benefits of Meditation

The practice of meditation is taking the world by storm, and you should join in. If you’re picturing some people all in white, sitting on a beach with their eyes closed, you’re sorely mistaken and missing out on a whole bunch of benefits.

benefits of meditation, personal wellness, Caravan

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Meditation has been found to extend your life. A new study completed found that the brains of people who meditated regularly were 7.5 years younger than those who did not.

If you’re looking for clearer skin, try meditating instead of reaching for the retinoids.  Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and inflammation, leading to clearer, healthier skin.

Stress reduction is also tied closely to meditation. While the fight-or-flight response is normal, finding a way to curb that reaction, and channel it into a healthier response is important when looking to stay calmer and feel more balanced.

With addiction to opioids on the rise, try meditation as an alternative to prescription painkillers. The ability to control your mind and breathing, while taking back the power from chronic pain will make you feel like you’re unstoppable.

Whether you’re new to meditation or have been doing it for a while, the benefits are hard to ignore. We can’t recommend a meditation session enough — try it at home, in the park, or a remote session while on vacation — our Caravan instructors will work with you anywhere.