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Build Your Best Morning Routine

“Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most.” – Buddha

Mornings can set the tone for your entire day, therefore it is important to use your time wisely. The first 30 to 120 minutes of your day should be utilized as a foundation. That time should be filled with what makes you feel your personal best.

So why take the time to create a morning routine?

A study from molecular and computational biologists at University of Southern California found that adults perform cognitive work best in the late morning. Therefore, creating a valuable morning routine allows you to wake up with a good mindset during this peak period of time.

No matter how chaotic your day ahead will be, having a morning routine is like a rock. It gives your day a sense of normalcy and calmness. But for those days free for leisure, a morning routine can also help limit your wasted days. Many times we can lose track of the hours in the day by sitting on our phones and computers and realize we’ve wasted the day away. A strong morning routine gets your day rolling. One of the most important benefits of a morning routine is that it generates momentum.

Scientist have studied those that start the day by moving forward, in turn establish a positive momentum. Which is more likely to progress into positive things throughout there day.

The more you focus on creating a meaningful morning routines the easier it will be to stick to it every morning. Eventually your morning routine can become a habit in your overall life.

“Habits are powerful. With about 40% of our everyday behavior repeated in the form of habits, they shape our very existence, and ultimately, our future. Habits, in fact, are key to wellness. For better or worse, habits very much influence health, well-being, and quality of life.”

What goes into your morning routine is completely personal to your wellness needs. Wellness is a holistic integration of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, fueling the body, engaging the mind, and nurturing the spirit. Studies have found that common areas to focus on for an optimal morning routine include diet, intellectual practices, fitness/stretching, meditation/mindfulness, and journaling/planning.

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