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Find Your Purpose

“Purpose is increasingly being touted as the key to navigating the complex, volatile, ambiguous world we face today, where strategy is ever-changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong.”

The Problem

Studies have shown that leaders who have a strong sense of their companies purpose, have little sense of their individual ambitions. Leaders can spend years perfecting their companies mission but when asked what they personally strive towards they say unclear and vague statements like “help others excel”. As a result, this tends to lead to failure to achieve both professional and personal future goals. Leaders are the root to their brands and without a strong sense of their own purpose there will be no success.

The Solution

This study on leaders can translate to everyone. To discover your purpose, begin with major themes throughout your lifetime that reveal passions and values. Also ask yourself and others what strengths you embody. Then create a concise purpose statement that mirrors you.

Taking the time to identify and learn about yourself will allow u to better understand your big picture aspirations.

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