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Wellness For College Students

Holistic wellness continuously seems to gain more momentum as people everywhere are dissatisfied with the one-size-fits-all mentality.

As a result, they are looking to implement multiple forms of self-care into their lives to improve their holistic wellness.

With this attitude in mind, The Journal of American College Health researched the effects of a holistic model of wellness among sedentary college students to study its influence on developing lifestyle changes.

For this research, 41 students were studied over a period of eleven weeks.

Each student were required to attend five bimonthly classes surrounding holistic wellness principles and to report daily walking totals. The students would also receive a one-month follow-up following these activities.

For the class, students were required to take before and after tests in order to examine their knowledge and “self-efficacy” of wellness.

The results from this study noted increased activity, resistance training, and walking behavior from participants. The students also reported increased self-efficacy and wellness knowledge following their classes.

Researchers also found significant decreases in the subjects’ body fat and body masses.

This study demonstrates the effectiveness, and importance, of learning about holistic wellness and implementing it into your routine.

Here at CARAVAN, we take a holistic approach towards health, and give you the tools that you need to reach complete wellness.

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