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Flow with Vinyasa

There are many different types of yoga that focus on different aspects. One of those types of yoga is Vinyasa. Vinyasa is a flow yoga, which means that the movement of these different postures is stringed together so that the form moves almost seamlessly and effortlessly. This particular type of yoga is ever-changing because of the possibility of many varying mixtures of different poses. Individuals who practice this form are never performing the same routine twice because the variability of the style encourages individuals not to have a boring workout again.


Tell Me More about Vinyasa


As mentioned before Vinyasa is a flow yoga form, which then is translated as ‘to place in a special way’. The word part ‘Nyasa’ translates ‘to place’ while the word part ‘vi’ translates to ‘in a special way’. That translation means that each pose is unique and is just throwing the body in whatever way, but instead is being conscious about each movement. There are many different components

  • A flow of different poses
  • Transitions between postures
  • Movement is consistent throughout
  • Breathing is a key component
  • Ujjayi breath
  • Cardiovascular component
  • Improved flexibility


Vinyasa contains many different components as one can see, but all these components are pertinent to the body. This form has a direct focus on the body. Regardless of the body is moving or not, a focus is constantly on breathing. Whether breathing is slow or an Ujjayi breath, the intent is always present. Ujjayi breath is a rhythmic form of breathing that is focused on inhaling and exhaling. The goal of this breathwork is relaxation.


Another aspect of this practice is improving the heart, which is not always prevalent in other forms. Since this yoga form focuses on constant movement it’s not only helping the cardiovascular system but working on toning and sculpting muscles. The whole body works through a transformation together. Whether the focus is flexibility or strength building, the postures target each area of the body.

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Vinyasa and CARAVAN 


We understand how important Vinyasa yoga is to health, so here at CARAVAN, we made sure to create a program especially for this practice. Within our Yoga category, we created a series called Vinyasa YogaThis particular series is taught by our professional teacher Deena where she takes you on an incredibly unique experience designed to stretch and lengthen your muscles. This series is completely focused on Vinyasa flow and gives members a look inside this unique yoga form. Afterward you will feel better and prepared for the day.

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