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Level Up On Lower Body!

When it comes to exercise, many of us solely focus on cardio to burn calories or get those picture-perfect abs. However, lower body strength is critical for looking great and maintaining overall health and wellness.

Did you know that some of the largest muscles are in the hips, glutes, and legs? The major lower body muscles include the gastrocnemius located on the lower leg attaching the heel bone, rectus femoris muscle (a muscle of the quadriceps), hamstring muscles (three separate muscles) on the backside of the thigh, and the psoas muscle on the front side of the hip attaching the low back and the thigh bone. Lower body strength helps improve your agility and balance by targeting those core muscle groups. Engaging the glutes, hips, thighs, abs, and back allows for seamless mobility and improvement in your workouts. This will help you avoid falling and injuring yourself less at the gym or during daily activities.

Working on your lower body strength helps you run longer and faster and boosts stamina and metabolism, which is extra beneficial for those looking to lose weight. “Studies have shown that working your legs increase your caloric burn, as well as forces your glands to produce the muscle developing hormones called the growth hormone (GH) and testosterone. These hormones play vital roles in human cell growth and multiplication, strengthening muscle and bone tissue, and improving reproductive health in both men and women” (Kumar). It also reduces pain and improves bone health!

Implementing some of these exercises into your lifestyle can make a huge difference in your overall health and wellness. Lower body muscles create a solid and stable foundation for your body. Consistency and dedication are key! Check out the new Leg & Core Strength program on Caravan Wellness.

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