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Sa-Ta-Na-Ma For Peace Of Mind

Our minds are incredible entities capable of life-changing and health-reversing abilities. 

Sometimes though, this powerful vehicle can get overtaken by negative thoughts, leaving us susceptible to illness and a poorer quality of life. 

In order to quiet the whirlwind of negative thoughts, memories and societal expectations that can fill our minds, discover the healing and mind-clearing power of the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation from our class, Mantra for Clearing Negative Thoughts.

The Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation is an ancient Indian practice of the Kirtan Kirya yoga tradition; Kirtan translating to “song” or “praise” and Kirya to “action” or “to do” in Sanskrit. 

The meditation combines the chanting of the “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma” mantra while, “tapping your thumb to each one of your fingertips,” our CARAVAN teacher Briana mentions in our “Mantra” class. 

The vibration of this recitation is said to stimulate 84 acupuncture points in the roof of the mouth, causing fascinating health effects.

Practicing the Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Meditation in 12-minute intervals has been recognized by the medical community as a powerful tool for stimulating brain cognition and activating certain parts of the brain that control memory.

The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation has even identified the meditation as a tool for Alzheimer’s care and prevention. 

A supportive study of this research investigating the effects of different meditation practices on cognitive functions also found evidence for positive cognitive benefits, as its research demonstrated that the areas of the brain which control attention ability were activated after performing the meditation. 

The Sa-Ta-Na-Ma meditation is a science-backed force that can bring you peace of mind while offering you better health for a better life. Try our class today to receive these benefits! 

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