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Spirituality of the Soul

Spirituality is generally seen as being the result of religion. Although there is a particular spirituality that goes along with religious beliefs and practices, there happens to be another form. This special kind of spirit is inside of oneself and inhabits the body and leads someone to a path of self-discovery. This self-discovery can because of religion or it can because of the individual; there is no right and wrong reason to want to go discover oneself.

What is Self-Discovery?


Self-discovery is not one particular part of yourself, but instead ever-changing in different forms. Many people will travel into the world to find themselves are searching for one thing. That’s it, instead of focusing on just themselves, people will try to solve one problem that they have. Isn’t it when we have a specific problem, that’s all we can focus on? No need to answer that question, we both secretly know the answer is yes.

The best way to ensure a true self-discovery is not to look at it as a one and done journey. Instead view it as something that is ever-changing and continuously ongoing. Impatience runs in our world today. As a society we have grown impatient and want gratification right away. That means we want instant gratification for self-discovery. How does self-discovery and spirituality go together?

Many people who go on an adventure of self-discovery are focused on changing themselves or even finding their meaning. They want to unlock their potential. Spirituality is the idea of being one with oneself and finding their meaning and power in life. These two go hand and hand. You go on self-discovery to be spiritual, while you can’t be spiritual without having a little self-discovery.


How do I Have a Sense of Spirituality?


When someone asks how they can be spiritual, it’s not an overnight experience. To go on the road of self-discovery it takes time and determination. There are many different ways to start the journey, but there are some simple steps to take to help it along the way.

  • Become physically aware
  • Pay attention to your emotions
  • Focus on what matters to you


From getting the gist of this process, the key to spirituality is about looking towards yourself. It is important to recognize anything that your physical body experiences. For example take note when your body feels good, when it doesn’t, and take note of how your body reacts to different situations and emotions.


Taking note leads right into the second topic of focusing on your emotions. Emotions not only lead our actions, but they can cause us to feel many different ways. Explore the different realms of your emotions to truly be able to discover how it affects your self when you’re happy, sad, mad, anxious, or any emotion you may feel! From studying these different emotions you will be able to know what makes you want to stay away from those harsher feelings.

This leads finally to focusing on what matters to you. Don’t go ahead and focus on negative aspects, but instead look toward the positives. Many people tend to look towards matters that upset them, which will cause them to feel bad, and then cause their physical being to feel the same. All of these three steps are linked together and will truly affect your being.

  • Having a sense of spirituality goes hand and hand in being mindful. Mindfulness is about living in the moment and pay attention to yourself and the world around you.
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Something to Help Get on Track


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