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The Benefits of Bootcamp

Bootcamps have become an increasingly popular phenomenon in the past five years. But how and why did they become so popular? One answer has proven true: bootcamp workouts keep users attentive with varied exercises and build up endurance.

Let’s get into the science behind it. Bootcamp originates from the military-style of workouts that combines aerobic, strength training, and speed components. The goal of bootcamps is not to spot train one specific area but provide a holistic workout to the full body with varying reps and rounds. From a study done by Fitness Matters, bootcamp participants were found to have heart rates of 77%-91% of their maximum which is well within the range to improve overall physical fitness.  Therefore, your body is experiencing exertion throughout the workout and is essentially being trained to push itself in the later rounds once the body begins to fatigue.

Another intriguing aspect of bootcamps is the addition of short breaks. This is common in many HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts as well. While your heart rate may be in the 80-90 percent of your maximum during your workout, the rest periods allow your heart rate to stabilize at about 50-65 percent of your maximum. Giving your body a chance to rest and recover helps maximize fitness gains in the time that you aren’t resting.

Bootcamps aren’t subjective to a certain demographic. Even though they originated from prisons where inmates were exercising using only calisthenics (bodyweight training), people looking for a fun and challenging workout have found this type of exercise addictive. At Caravan, we offer a workout for every type of user. Whether you’re looking for an introduction, a sustainable, or an intense workout, we have videos designed to meet your fitness goals. Start your addiction to bootcamps today.


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