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The Benefits Of Children’s Yoga

According to Forbes, over 37 million people practice yoga in the United States alone. 

We wanted to make sure that this incredible exercise was accessible to all ages, including children, and created our “Mindful Yoga For Kids Series.”  

In general, yoga is being understood as a complementary mind-body intervention for physical and mental health conditions. 

Yoga has been found to have profoundly positive health effects on school-aged children as well, as several studies have noted yoga to aid children with asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and even diabetes

An example of one of these interventions can be recognized by the University of York’s research following a child named Jeremy with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Jeremy not only was diagnosed with ADHD but with early-onset obesity as well. Once he began yoga as a complementary treatment and was practicing on a regular basis, Jeremy not only lost weight but began feeling significantly calmer. 

The evidence of this study demonstrates that six to eight weeks of weekly sessions, or approximately 20 hours practicing yoga, may be required to obtain full benefits.  

Another study following the relationship between practicing yoga with a selected group of boys aged 8-13 with ADHD also found evidence of children’s yoga to be a complementary treatment for boys with ADHD already stabilized on medication. 

Try our Mindful Yoga For Kids Series today. 



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