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The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction can be viewed as a clique saying to those unaware of the scientific beliefs behind it. This idea is not envisioning a sports car in your driveway and walking outside to find one. Instead your mood or feelings cause you to emit positive or negative vibration into the universe. The law of attraction is known to respond by matching your vibrations to positive or negative situations.

“The Law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration you are sending by giving you more of it, whether it’s positive or negative. It simply responds to your vibration.”

Although there is no concrete evidence that this specific practice works there is a pattern in science that makes researchers believe in its presence.

Within the universe there are many forms of energy such as atomic, thermal, electromotive, kinetic, and potential. Each form of matter is made up of atoms that contain different charges. Based on the connection between positive and negative charges, atoms can align and create a force that pulls each together. This occurs between metals when molecules that are in the same direction align and magnetize to each other.

So if this factual phenomenon can occur in one arena of the universe it is possible that the atoms of your being are in constant response to align to similar positive or negative vibrations.

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