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Visualization For Success

Visualization meditation is a technique used to envision future events and goals that you hope to achieve. This experience is used as a form of meditation because it allows the body and mind to focus on positivity while in a relaxed state. Many attribute visualization meditations to successful outcomes in life down the road and there is science behind this idea.

How The Brain Works

Studies have shown the way our brain chemistry reacts to a real memory is no different than the way it reacts to an imagined memory. This can be extremely useful in visualization meditation practices because if you are vividly imagining an outcome, your brain feels the same emotions as something you have actually experienced. The more repetitive you are with this practice the easier it will be for your brain to record your visualizations as a memory. With this knowledge we can trick our brain into making the unknown known. This may be beneficial at reducing fear and anxiety about situations you’ve already envisioned and made a part of your memories.

Professional athletes have been studied and results show that visualizations are part of most world class athletes training regimes. This can be applied in our everyday life because visualizing how we perform in the future can improve our skills during real practices.

“When we visualize an action, the same regions of the brain are stimulated as when we perform it and the same neural networks are created.”

Our brain is made up of the reticular activating system (RAS) which is responsible for determining what sensory information we perceive within our environment. There are tons of things going on around us every day, but the RAS allows our brain to only notice the things we have programmed it to be important at the moment. Otherwise our brains would be in overloaded and unable to focus.  With that said, we can program our RAS to work in our advantage through visualizations. When we repeatedly visualize our goals it recognizes it as something to prioritize along with all our other beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

Finally, using visualization as a form of meditation is beneficial because our brain is in a more suggestible state. Brainwaves move from Beta to Alpha and to Theta, which draws the mind and body into a relaxed state.

“Alpha and Theta are suggestible states in which it becomes easier to reprogram patterns and beliefs at a subconscious level.”

After consistent practice you can rewire your brain and override old beliefs that may have prevented you from accomplishing success!

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