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Light Your Way with Palo Santo

What is Palo Santo?


Palo Santa, also known as its Spanish translation of “Holy Wood”, is a powerful incense made from trees that can be found on the coast of South America. This tree is one of the most important used in ethno-botanical medicine in this area of the world. Traditionally, this tree has been used in countries across the coastline, such as Ecuador, to fight against the “mala energia” (bad energy) and mosquitos, or to bring good luck to one’s home. Moreover, during the time of the Incas, Palo Santo oil was used for its spiritual purifying properties. As part of the citrus family, Palo Santo has sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon, something which makes it extremely useful today in rituals and practices around the globe.


 How to Use Palo Santo


Similar to Sage and Cedar, Palo Santo is enjoyed for its energy cleansing and healing properties. It is known to be strong medicine that has become popular for its role in keeping energies clear and direct. When burned, the wood creates a refreshing and pleasant smoke that works well in a myriad of situations. To learn more about how to use Palo Santo, check out our program in our Engage Your Senses Series. Here’s how it works:

  • Use a candle, lighter, or match to light your stick of Palo Santo while holding the wood at around a 45-degree angle with the tip pointing down toward the flame.
  • Allow the stick to burn for 30 seconds to 1 minute and blow it out.
  • Wave the Palo Santo around your car, bathroom, workspace, or any other location in which you would like to clear the energy.
  • When done, make sure to place the wood in a fireproof bowl of glass, clay, or metal.


Benefits of Palo Santo 


Aside from being used in acts of worship and traditional ceremonies, Palo Santo also has medicinal qualities which make it a useful treatment and form of relief. Palo Santo has been known to benefit users in the following ways:

  • Alleviates asthma, common cold, and flu symptoms
  • Reduces stress, headaches, depression, anxiety, and emotional pain
  • Eases inflammation and physical pain
  • Useful in Aromatherapy and massage healing
  • Calms immune and nervous systems for faster recovery rates


If you’d like to continue learning more about the transformative powers of Palo Santo and meditation, check out our other practices included in the Focus Meditation Series.



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