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Migraine Medicine Created Naturally

Everyone has been hit with a migraine and everyone hates getting hit with that excruciating pain. The pain goes through your temples and you start to feel like you’re getting slammed in the head by a jackhammer. It makes it hard to do day-to-day activities. It’s a huge distraction. With all that, now you feel like you’re in a commercial for migraine medicine. Over-the-counter medicine doesn’t always have to be the solution. Instead, there are many ways to treat this particular severe headache naturally.


What is a Migraine?


A migraine is a severe headache that comes with painful side effects. Many of these severe headaches generally affect one side of the head, but in some cases can affect both sides. Some migraines come with something called an aura. An aura is a sensation that comes from migraine symptoms. In a sense, individuals with these severe headaches can use these symptoms to help prevent a migraine. If you sense one coming on make sure to take the right actions to prevent it before it’s too late. If you think you have a migraine but aren’t sure here are some of the symptoms to watch out for.

  • Nausea
  • Pain in the temples or behind the ears
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Vision Loss, Seeing Spots, or Flashing Lights
  • Vomiting


What’s the Cure?


Cut the stereotypical commercial over-the-counter medicine and instead take a look at these easy home remedies that can get your migraine gone in a matter of no time.

  • Drink Grape Juice
  • Eat Nuts
  • Eat More Turkey
  • Have Some Caffeine
  • Apply Peppermint Essential Oil to Pain
  • Apply Pressure to Pain
  • Get Out of the Light
  • Drink Water

Something to Help


At CARAVAN Wellness we want to help users stay mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. The main trigger of having a migraine is stress. Stress affects people’s lives everywhere. Regardless, who you are stressed affects all of us. Within our  Positivity section, we have a series called the Stress Solutions SeriesIn this series, our teacher Zohar dives deeper into helping users relieve tension, receive brain clarity, and how to identify those stressors in life. Since stress can be a leading cause of migraines, this series is beneficial to keep your mind happy and healthy.

Start your journey today to your fullest potential.


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