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Long-Term Benefits Of The Alexander Technique

 What’s it all about?

The Alexander Technique is a wellness approach that reteaches the body and mind to use muscles more efficiently. More specifically this technique focuses on releasing unnecessary tension between the head and spine. This is done through simple daily activities that coach you to move freer and in a more integrated way.

This technique can reduce body pains and improve poor posture habits. Many have turned to this approach because chronic neck and back pain together now represents the leading cause of disability, in all high income countries, for individuals between 25 and 64 years of age.

This is what the experts have to say…

Although the Alexander Technique is a holistic approach to wellness there is science backed evidence that it has lasting benefits. A study was conducted to test the long-term effects of practicing this technique amongst patients with chronic neck pain. At 6 months, this group was surveyed and concluded that 81% of patients had reduced neck pain and felt improvements in their daily lives. At 12 months, the percentage of satisfied patients jumped to 87%. The studied concluded that the Alexander Technique led to long-term reduction of neck pain and patients felt major improvements in their overall daily lives.

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