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Running for Longevity

Physical activity and improved health is a familiar connection, however there is evidence indicating that vigorous intensity activity is superior in health benefits. Running is an example of such activity and has become one of the most popular forms of vigorous intensity activity due to its convenience. Unlike other forms of this activity running does not require a gym membership, training, or equipment.

Several studies examined the causes of death due to health related issues between runners and non-runners and found substantial differences.

  • A general study found “After adjusting for age and sex, runners have 30-40% lower risk of all-cause mortality.”


  • Another study specifically looked at Cardio Vascular Disease and cancer, which are the two leading causes of death. They found “The risk of CVD-related mortality is reduced 45%–70% in runners compared with non-runners. Runners also have 30%–50% reduced risk of cancer-related mortality compared with non- runners.”


  • A further study found “There is additional evidence that running may be protective against mortality resulting from neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and respiratory infections.”


Those who partake in running and include it within their daily routines usually begin to engage in healthier behaviors that improve their health. This includes maintaining normal body weight, avoiding smoking, and consuming light to moderate amounts of alcohol.

Overall, the benefits within your body and the lifestyle changes that running promotes make this form of vigorous intensity activity extremely valuable.

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