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Meditation Made for You and Me

Meditation. The stereotypical image of someone dressed in robes and jewelry sitting crossed-legged in a candlelit room comes to mind. This person’s eyes are closed and their hands, which are hovering effortlessly in the air, make an “OK” symbol. This typical image is considered the social media norm of meditation. When in reality, meditation is something that anyone can do.

Now picture this, the stereotypical average person dressed in business clothes is sitting at a desk in their cubicle. They have had a rough day. Work has been tough, meetings have been long, they have a headache, and then they decide to meditate. This individual closes their eyes and begins to clear their mind to relax.

Regardless of who a person is, anyone can meditate. It’s an act of relaxing the body and the mind and reaps many benefits.


Let’s Get to the Basics

What exactly is mediation? Meditation is defined as the act of being deep in thought either reflecting on thoughts, relaxing the mind, practicing breathing techniques. Meditation is a form of reaching a new spiritual height within oneself; it’s about being comfortable with yourself. Meditation has many forms. Some forms rely on the act of different breathing techniques. While other forms depend on creating mental goals or completely detoxing the mind.




Meditation is all about what you need. Meditation is a holistic health practice, which not only focuses on the mind and spirit but focuses on keeping your physical body healthy as well. At CARAVAN Wellness our beliefs are surrounded by the nature of holistic health. Not only do we want to help create a happy and healthy you, physically, but our goal also focuses on your mental and spiritual states as well.


Benefits of Meditation


There are many benefits to the art of meditation. There are many mental and spiritual benefits, but also physical.

  • Improves confidence and self-esteem levels
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Gain the ability to focus better
  • Sleep better at night
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve immune system
  • Regulate breathing


Although there are already many benefits listed, there are many more. Meditation seems as if it is something only certain people can do, but that is incredibly wrong.  It is incredibly easy to meditate; there are only a few steps to follow.

  • Find a safe place
  • Turn off any distractions
  • Get comfortable
  • Meditate

Meditation is one of the simplest forms of self-care because it can be done anywhere. Regardless of where someone comes from or what is going on in their life, meditation is immensely beneficial for everyone.

How to Get Started


At CARAVAN one of our main focuses is Meditation and Relaxation. Within this particular section, our goal is to help users find practices and programs that help them be successful.  Our goal is to help you achieve your own goals and more.  One of our highlighted programs within this section is Meditative Journaling. Within this program, many different videos showcase different practices that will help someone unlock their mind through the art of writing.  To learn more about our formula to success Click Here

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