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Releasing Through the Heart

The key to having a healthy heart is practicing heart opener techniques. When one thinks of heart opening movements, they may instantly be reminded of physical positions like back-bending or the cobra pose, however heart openers can also be used through breath and meditation, as well.

In this day and age, we are constantly on digital devices, whether we are engaging with them for work or just for pure entertainment. After hours on these devices, our shoulders round out, while our necks and backs slouch forward. This depletion of our posture draws the chest into itself and creates pressure on the rib cage, resulting in many physical discomforts, such as chest pain. Heart opening movements have been proven to provide both physical and emotional benefits.

The human body stores a lot of emotional tension and one of the best ways to release emotions like stress, sadness, anger and frustration is with heart opening movements. Heart openers are successful in doing so because by stretching out the sternum, rib cage and other muscles that support the upper body, the more that blood, oxygen and nerves are allowed to circulate. This circulation enables the release of tension and promotes balance in the body.

We should practice heart opening movements because by opening up the space around our hearts physically, it enables us to be more responsive emotionally. By incorporating more heart openers into your daily routine, you will be transformed by healing. Not only have studies shown that they can improve physical and emotional well-being, but you may also notice boosts in confidence and feel more inviting to love and compassion.

Many yoga and health studies have tested the effects of consistent yoga on one’s emotional well-being. These studies have shown that practicing positions that stretch out the side of the body, shoulders, chest and spinal extension, allow you to create more mobility in the upper body, which leads to reduced anxiety, depression, lower back pain, heart disease, and more. In particular, a study done by researcher Dr. Dan Brennan, where Americans were asked to complete a survey about why they practiced yoga, found that the individuals who did so and used movements like the cobra, bow and camel poses (heart opening movements) identified their stress levels to have reduced by 86%. Stress reduction is a result from heart opening yoga movement as the tightening and relaxing of muscles reduces tension in the chest and body.

To implement more heart openers and release physical and emotional tension, try out our heart opener classes on Caravan Wellness. Let’s open up!

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