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Think Twice About Skipping an Ab Workout

Doing ab and core exercises doesn’t just have to be for the looks. Strengthening both parts can actually be very beneficial for your well-being.

Your core is different from your abdominal muscles, which is more of an outer core. The core consists of muscles around your torso and pelvis—including the front, back, and obliques. 

Your core surprisingly helps with many everyday activities that you do. Whether it be picking up something you dropped, turning around, or even just standing or sitting at your desk for hours, your core works to let you do these actions effortlessly. This may seem like a very minuscule reason to do core workouts, but after simple tasks like these start becoming painful or difficult, you would see why it is so important.

Having a strong core and abs also help with having good balance, stability, and posture. Core and ab exercises train muscles in your lower back, hips, pelvis, and abdomen to work together, which lessens the risk of falling. It also helps you reduce slouching which lessens damage on the spine and allows you to breathe deeply.

The core and abs also help lower back pain, something four out of five Americans will experience at some point in their lives. Many physical therapists will give you core exercises to do in order to reduce this pain.

Aside from trying to get a flat stomach, having a strong core and strong abs have many hidden benefits that will make you glad you didn’t skip plank exercises!

Give it a try!

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