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Transform Your Health In 10 Minutes

With such busy schedules many of us do not have time to dedicate an hour to exercise. If you can relate you’ll be happy to hear that studies have found that a 10-minute exercise is all you need. Advice in the media is constantly changing based on new trends, however this new information is backed by scientific studies.

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association monitored the results of women in four different workout intensity groups. The 464 women had not exercised before and were divided into either the control group that did not exercise, a lightly active group, a moderate group, and a high intently group. The women in the lightly active group increased their peak oxygen consumption levels by 4.2% and said they felt better and were breathing easier.

As for losing weight the study found that 10-minutes of daily exercise can help you lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI. Specifically one women, Renata Zajac, lost 12 pounds and 17 inches in eight weeks. By eating clean and including a ten minute workout in her every day routine, Zajac said she could run up the subway stairs faster and felt an overall feeling of confidence.

Another study grouped both men and women into 5 categories: inactive, low, medium, high, or very high levels of activity. This study found…

“Compared with individuals in the inactive group, those in the low-volume activity group, who exercised for an average of 92 min per week or 15 min a day had a 14% reduced risk of all-cause mortality, and had a 3 year longer life expectancy.”


Experts say the benefits of short workouts don’t come as easy as it sounds if you do not put in the effort. Use the full time to push yourself and work several major muscle groups at once for best results.

At CARAVAN our practices range from 2 to 30 minutes, however majority of our classes are 10 minutes. Our Full Body Workout is a perfect 10-minute class that can be easily squeezed into your busy schedules.


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