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Corporate Wellness Benefits

Interested in how CARAVAN can better your company’s stress and employee satisfaction rates?

First, let’s look at some information discussing the benefits of a corporate wellness program.

A 2012 study was conducted at a Malaysian telecommunication company researching the effect of a corporate wellness program on employee satisfaction and stress rates. 

125 employees were selected for this study – 63 having attended the program and 62 who had not.

Researchers hypothesized that those who attended the wellness programs, which included courses like weight and stress management, would experience increased employee satisfaction and lower stress levels.

The study’s predictions were proven true after administered questionnaires indicated significant differences between the groups of attendees and non-attendees.

Relating to employee satisfaction, employees who had attended the program noted improved behavior and attitude. The research shares how greater morale at work is likely to improve overall employee satisfaction.

It is also reported that employee perceived stress rates lowered significantly after attending these programs.

This research only helps to advocate for the inclusion of corporate wellness within businesses.

Including CARAVAN within your workspace gives your employees the opportunity to access their best selves through our library of life-changing wellness practices.

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